Internet Marketing Business Mindset – A Technique To Change Your Life, From Tony Robbins

Having the right mindset towards building your Internet Marketing Business can make a world of difference, but how do you build the right Internet Marketing Business Mindset, when the world appears to be out to get you?

Here is a technique I learned from Tony Robbins that anyone can implement, that will help you condition your mind for success, and most importantly help you build momentum and strive to reach your Peak State.

The Belief Cycle

Tony Robbins has, what I like to call a ‘Belief Cycle’ that explains how your belief in yourself ultimately affects the results you get.  This article is intended to show you the steps you need to take to massively improve your self-believe, and to continuously build positive momentum in your life.

The 2-Step Technique – Daily Rituals of Visualization and Action

Step 1: Visualization:

Before you take any action, you need to see the results in your INTERNET FOR BUSINESS  mind, and you need to believe in yourself completely.

You need to see the results you want so clearly that you have no doubt they will come true.  They already HAVE come true, in your mind.  Everyday, you need to take time to mentally visualize not only your biggest dreams, but also the goals you are going to achieve that day, tomorrow, this week.

Step 2: Take Consistent Daily Action

Seeing and believing in your mind is essential, but it won’t get the job done on it’s own.  You still need to take the action itself in order to get the results you want.  If you take consistent daily action, over time, you will build up a habit of taking action.

Plan out the next 8 weeks – focus on one area of your Internet Marketing Business per week.  Every day in each week, plan to master a single new skill.  Spend time visualizing the results before you begin, for the full 8 weeks, each month, each week and each day.

What makes people excited, is progress.  Not just achieving the goal, but making progress in the right direction. ~Tony Robbins

The 4-minute Mile

An example that Tony Robbins gives of how powerful this mental shift can be is the 4-minute mile.  No-one had ever broken the elusive 4-minute mile until Roger Bannister came along and broke it.

Within two years another almost-forty athletes had broke the 4-minute barrier.  What changed?  It wasn’t any new diet, or training technique – it was a change in belief – it went from being an impossible goal, to a possible goal.  If one man can do it, so can another, and another…

The point of this example is that the only thing that changed the day Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile was the belief that other athletes had that they could do the same thing.

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